This is basically a recollection of the whole night. MY LIFE HAS BEEN MADE.

Ok so people stated waiting in line at 6AM. I was like wtf. Buuuut my friend got there at 2pm and saved a spot for me. so i got there at like 5, got in line with them, and the doors opened at like 7:30. When we got in they were handing out these glow stink things they were SO COOL. So we go in and in 5 minutes the place was packed. BUT I WAS IN THE FRONT!! But more to the right side of the room. So we waited FOREVERR and then this looouuuddd noice played for about a minute, then Joey Guila came out!!! This guy was soooooooo funny. He was like “i say hey you say ho ok?!” so we did that a couple times and he got the dj (he was chinese and suuuuuch a cutie.) so say it with him, then he goes “ohh naw you said hoe thats a bad word” and we were dying. than Viennie V came out! I actually like some of her original songs, when she first came out she sang for you, and i screamed along every word. and then she started singing like every other mainstream song, and i tried to smile at her and stuff but it kind of got old. I felt bad bc everytime she stopped singing and started again, the audience was like “again? ugh.” And her back up dancers omg. One was amaaazing, (the black one) and the other one looked so bored. Aaanyways, after she got off joey guila got back onstage and said the words “I have stuff by jay park signed back here for who ever wins this dance contest.” Unfortunately i only heard “stuff signed back here.” and started screeeaaammmiiinng oh so loud and got called onstage. Bad decision? Yes./No. I got onstage, there were 5 of us and we all took turns, i was 4th, and i was planning on doing sorry sorry but kinda froze and started doing the sprinkler. I looked like such a derp then just walked back to my spot so the next person could go hahaha. and then after it was over, (LARRY WON!! This guy was such a boss) Joey. Said. We. All. Won. Stuff. SIGNED STUFF. WE ALL GOT BAGS SIGNED BY JAY PARK. as soon as he said that i started screaming and jumping up and down. So we got off stage (some bitch in the audience tried to take my bag but i grabbed her arm and gave her the scariest look i could do. and then my friends and me were still freaking out hahaha. THEN DUMBFOUNDED CAME OUT. I died. he kiiiiled it. he had the whole crowd chating “do that shit, do that shit, do it” HES SUCH A FUCKING BOSS. and then he was like “My name’s Dumbfoundead and i’m gonna curse alot tonight.” I died laughing. And then he was rapping, doing his thing it was amaaazing. And then. DECIPHER, LYRICKS, AND MANIFEST CAME OUT. the song they sang killed me it was amazing. I legit died right then. AND THEN 

Dumbfounded: “This song is about my ex girlfriend.”

Crowd: “AAWW”

Dumbfoundead: “ITS CALLED BITCH.”

I was laughing sooo hard haha and then he had The whole crowd sing it with him and then he was like “Its always been my dream to chant Bitch with a crowd of preteen girls” This guy is amazing. And then he got off and there was a 10 minute break. AND THEN THE ROOM WENT DARK. THE VIDEO STARTED PLAYING. IT WAS JAY PARKKKKK. AND THEN HE WAS STANDING THERE AND STARTED SINGING KNOW YOUR NAME. I was sobbing. He comes out and I SCREAMED ALONG TO EVERY WORD OF THE SONG. my friend kept telling me to shut up. LOLOL it was amaazing. i was screaming soo loud and it was great. AND HIS DAAANNNCCEEE. He did probably 50 body rolls. AND WHEN HE LIFTED UP HIS SHIRT I MELTED. so after know your name it was I Got Your Back AND THEN STAR <3 WHEN HE Said “Its always been you” at the end the crowd went wild. AND THEN HE TOOK HIS JACKET OFF <3 and i screamed “CAN I HAVE YOUR JACKET?!” he smiled so i think he heard me!!! Then he said Turn Off Your Phone and i died all over again. THEN HE SANG DO WHAT WE DO!!!! I knew every word and sang along omfggg. AND WHEN HE SANG UP&DOWN I WAS SHAKING. Thats my favorite song by him. I DIED AND CAME BACK TO LIFE 300 TIMES. And he did this seeeexy suck in of air. and the crowd kept shouting “hell yeah!” and “Hell nah!” with him it was amazing. This whole time i’m just thinking “HOW THE FUCK IS THIS ONE MAN SO FUCKING SEXY” then he sang clap and thats not one of the songs that i know very well so i just danced and screamed and fangirled like everyone else ^^ and then he sang enjoy the show and i sang along, AND THEN IT WAS B-BOY TIME. He brought his b-boys out, and they did their thing, THEN HE JOINED THEM!!!! I SAW HIM SPINNING ON HIS HEAD AND FELT LIKE MY LIFE WAS COMPLETE. And then after they finished dancing, he needed to get water and take a breather because he was reeaallyy out of breath. hehehe the audience got all quiet while he was breathing…….hard. and then 

Jay “Guys stop being perverts for a second.”

The audience went wild LOLOL.

And then Larry was like “TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT!!” (I saw it on your post larry haha)

Jay “Did a guy just tell me to take off my shirt? Thats just… no.”

It was sooooooooo funny. AND THEN HE SANG NOTHIN ON YOU!!!!! The crowd was craazzyyyy. and then he sang girlfriend and i melted again. SO MANY BODY ROLLS. SO MANY HIP THRUSTS. AND HE LIFTED UP HIS SHIIIIIIIRT and at the end he kept going “is it you? or you?” AMAAZING. And then Be with me tonight ahbhsfjbrhgbnrjen it was amazing. I sang along every word it was so much fun!!!!  AND THEN DUMBFOUNDEAD CAME OUT AND THEY DID YOU KNOW HOW WE DO!!!!! i rapped along omfggg it was so much funnnnn. I rapped this with dumbfoundead

"You know how we do, You know how we do
DFD chillin with the AOM crew
Lodef on the decks with that 808 boom
If she got a fat ass go and send her to my room ha”

ASDFGHJKL IT WAS SO FUN.  And then it was time for the last song I wanted to start crying all over again. BODY2BODY I died singing along it’s my favorite song off his mixtape. AND THEN IT WAS OVER ;_; ALL THE RAPPERS GOT ONSTAGE AND I WAS CRYING BECAUSE IT WAS OVER BUT I STILL HAD THAT ADRENALINE RUSH FEEL. So i go get water with my friend, we were SO THIRSTY OMG. so then i had to get my stuff from my other friend but she walked outside, and then i tried to get back in but they wouldnt let me :(((( AND THEN MY FRIENDS WENT TO GET THEIR COATS AND THEY MET DUMBFOUNDEAD. I cried when i found out. and then they came out, told me, AND THEN DECIPHER WALKS OUT. i honestly tried not to fangirl, but i couldnt stop smiling like an idiot. And then i get a picture with him. AND HIS MANAGER WAS SO ADORABLE OMG. And his manager goes “follow him in twitter!” me “whats your twitter name?!?!” He tells me, i make sure its spelled right on my phone and i followed him. THEN.

His manager: “Heres a free cd for that.”

Me: “………..WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. THANKYOUTHANKYOUUU!!! can you sign it please?!?!?!”

Decipher “Ohh yeah of course!!” And he used my friends sharpie so she was soooooo happy LOL. and he signed it and i took another pic with him. and then i asked his manager to sign it and i gave his manager a hug he was adorable omg and then got a picture with him too!! and then another with decipher hahahaha. and then he signed my jay park bag!!!! the won that i won from derping dancing onstage!! And he leaves and we say bye, AND THEN ONE OF JAYS B-BOYS CAME OUT!!!!!! and i got a picture hugging him!! :D it was great. And then i was talking to some of the guys that worked there, we were talking about oragnizing kpop conventions ect. AND I’M ORGANIZING A FLASHMOB GUYS  JOIN ITS FUN. We have all the songs and- k im done advertising. So then the worker guy said he wants me to email him when i have everything ready and stuff and he gave me his card!! It was so much fun talking to them :D AND MY FRIEND GOT JAY PARKS WATER BOTTLE. Remember how he was sick? SHES SICK NOW TOO. i’m forever jealous.

And then i went to my friends house for a sleepover (there was 4 of us) and we all were still freaking out at 2am, and when we woke up we just watched all the concert videos. We’re still freaking out.

Ok. that was the DC concert. I hope everyone else all over America has fun too!!!

Now i’m in that depressed ‘day-after-concert” stage. That night wil never happen again and that makes me sad. I still cant believe I ACTUALLY WENT. AND SAW THEM. AND WENT TO THE MEET&GREET AND TOUCHED HIM. Ok. i’m gonna go cry for the 51864185485485456th time today. -more like 4th-


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